Centres and peripheries in Ottoman architecture: rediscovering a Balkan heritage

The proceedings of a conference on Ottoman architecture in the Balkans held this past summer are now free to download. Several of the speakers draw attention to material that’s understudied, much of it threatened by abandonment and new development, while others document conservation efforts.

Centres and peripheries in Ottoman architecture: rediscovering a Balkan heritage
ed. Maximilian Hartmuth
Sarajevo/Stockholm: Cultural Heritage without Borders, 2011

  • MAXIMILIAN HARTMUTH (Istanbul): The history of centre-periphery relations as a history of style in Ottoman provincial architecture
  • JOHAN MÅRTELIUS (Stockholm): Ottoman European architecture
  • GRIGOR BOYKOV (Ankara): Reshaping urban space in the Ottoman Balkans: a study on the architectural development of Edirne, Plovdiv, and Skopje (14th-15th centuries)
  • IBOLYA GERELYES (Budapest): Ottoman architecture in Hungary: new discoveries and perspectives for research
  • MACHIEL KIEL (Bonn): The campanile-minarets of the southern Herzegovina: a blend of Islamic and Christian elements in the architecture of an outlying border area of the Balkans, its spread in the past and survival until our time
  • MARIANNE BOQVIST (Stockholm): “Centre” and “periphery” in the Syrian countryside: the architecture of mosques in governmental foundations on the Ottoman imperial roads
  • FEDERICA BROILO (Venice): The forgotten Ottoman heritage of Florina on the River Sakoulevas, and a little known Ottoman building on the shore of Lake Volvis in Greek Macedonia
  • VJEKOSLAVA SANKOVIC SIMCIC (Sarajevo): The restoration of the mosque of Hadzi Alija in Pocitelj
  • ZEYNEP AHUNBAY (Istanbul): Ottoman architecture in Kosova and the restoration of Hadum Mosque in Gjakovo (Djakovica)
  • NENAD MAKULJEVIC (Belgrade): State, society, and visual culture: late Ottoman architecture in Serbia, Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • LEJLA BUSATLIC (Sarajevo): The transformation of the oriental-type urban house in post-Ottoman Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • MIRZA HASAN CEMAN (Sarajevo): Urban interventions by the Ottoman state in Bosnia-Herzegovina after 1860
  • CAZIM HADZIMEJLIC (Sarajevo): Mihrabs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • MEHMET Z. IBRAHIMGIL (Ankara): A survey of objects within the Murad Reis compound in Rhodes